Leaping Fish Necklace


Handcrafted in Istanbul


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Here, a fish is caught mid-leap as the pendant of this necklace. Beginning with Egypt, the fish is a symbol of the divine source of life, appearing in a tomb painting symbolizing the hope of immortality. Egyptian priests were forbidden to eat fish at all for this reason.
Fish symbolism is most prominent in Christianity as a symbol of Christ. The main reason for the use of the fish lay in an interpretation of the feeding of five thousand in the New Testament. In various representations of the Last Supper in early Christian art, bread and fish are depicted on the table, where fish takes the place of wine as one of the two elements in the Eucharist. In early Jewish tradition, the fish was become a symbol of the pious swimming in the waters of Torah. Handcrafted in Istanbul. Individually oxidized to achieve its distinctive color. Tone will vary. Materials: 18-24k gold plated brass, freshwater pearl, turquoise. Measurements: width 3″, height 2″, drop 20″.