Golden Lotus Cross Necklace


Handcrafted in Istanbul


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This gorgeous hand-crafted necklace conveys ancient symbolism and east-meets-west appeal in an attractively abstract style! The cross itself is one of the most ancient symbols, though used widely in modern western culture; however, the design of this cross draws inspiration from the lotus root, a traditional Asian symbol. The lotus is considered healthy for the body and spirit, while its many holes represent a mind that is open to many new ideas. Celebrate cross-cultural beauty and symbolism with this alluring piece. Handcrafted in Istanbul. Individually oxidized to achieve its distinctive color. Tone will vary. Materials: 18-24k gold plated brass. Measurements: width 3.5″, height 4″, drop 16″.


The Story Behind This Piece

This fine necklace and its matching earrings are inspired by the lotus root, or “renkon,” an auspicious symbol and food used throughout Asia. Lotus root is traditionally eaten for health, and believed to bring abundance in the new year, while its many holes represent a mind that is open to new ideas. Check out the matching Golden Lotus Earrings. 

Lotus Root