Ottoman Bejeweled Earrings


Handcrafted in Istanbul


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When the Ottomans captured Constantinople and expanded their empire, the many cultures now interacting with each other did not oppose each other but rather blended together in a melting pot of art, history, and beliefs. What came of this were some of the most beautiful styles of artwork and design, with a focus on jewelry- which then, was used both in gift-giving and as currency. Though many styles of jewelry-making flourished, one of our favorites was the “Bejeweled” style- an aesthetic that incorporated many stones and jewels to make each piece of jewelry incredibly eye-catching.┬áThese earrings are inspired by that style, using freshwater pearl, clear crystal, and unique aquamarine stones to achieve their unique and breathtaking look. Handcrafted in Istanbul. Individually oxidized to achieve its distinctive color. Tone will vary. Materials: 18-24k gold plated brass, clear crystal, jade, feshwater pearl, sterling silver wire. Measurements: width .75″, height 3″, weight 0.4oz per earring.